Note,  shares stunning animations of images in the tree, together with vital related issues!

For a vital video showing the images in the tree see ! another related site!

Although the below is certainly a unique Valentine's tree, Jesus died on what might be called the greatest Valentines tree.

This site first tells of amazing God sent incidents having a gracious message about BEAUTY AND ROMANCE!

The site also shares crucial things about this church, and tells how faulty immaculate conception teachings have 

sadly obscured what Christ really took, bore, conquered, and did, in His love for His bride the church, and all humanity.

And May All Errors Fall As This Tree!


Which Overflows With A Dynamic Message Of Love And Beauty!

And certainly so when combined with the rest of the story! 

And may THIS CHURCH and all churches take time to learn that message

which flows from the fusion of all the meaningful Valentine's events shared below.

Christ loves the church the bride, and wants to warm and heal

stagnant and broken hearts, even if aged, deteriorated, gnarled, and hollow!

Written with tears by a one who who has much love for and much to do with this church (Amos Bender) 

(Matthew 15:13) "But he answered and said, Every plant [doctrine, teaching, emphasis], which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up."

Uniquely Fell On Valentine's Eve!

Notice the man in the heart! God certainly sees the hidden man  of the heart.  God wants errors of the hidden man and all types to fall.  Click on the image for a large view.  

   Interestingly I had finished much of this site before I seen the man hidden in the heart. But what totally stunned me came even later, as I zoomed in and closely studied the photo to the right, as well as the above photo.  These two photos expressly show a serpent combined with the devil, and an evil looking wolf combined with a witch, as well as many other meaningful images.  God certainly is seeking to expose the man of sin and all his forces which have bitterly misled and oppressed humanity.  God wants our world to realize what is at the heart of the repressive doctrine which disallowed marriage and related blessings! Yes the Bible speaks of devils at the root (1 Tim 4:1-3).  Yes an evil root having many related harsh branches.  God wants our world to know of His good plan which has been sadly lost and greatly misrepresented and is seeking to expose the devil and his oppressions!  Ancient Prophet Amos spoke of a time when people would run throughout the world and could not find truth, and a time when the fair virgins and young men would faint for thirst which certainly could pertain to issues being discussed here.    


Unique Incidents With A Message About Valentines

Tree Incidents

        Several months prior to the above tree event, I was basically compelled to share my story of how God through uniquely falling tree events showed His watching eye and concern on the subject of beauty and romance. Yes, shortly before the above event. That unique story is given at Some years ago I witnessed a most outstanding tree falling incident which spoke on beauty and Valentines, while during the last months of 2018 other falling tree events occurred which reminded me of that tree event and compelled me to share, and yes before the above. Not only has God spoken on the often avoided beauty and romance subject through falling trees, but also has spoken on the subject through PHENOMENAL INCIDENTS occurring at VALENTINE'S SEASON. 

This Tree Uniquely

Fell and Uniquely

Stood Back Up

   Valentine's Incidents

    These include an astonishing show of a delighted humpback whale on Valentines day, after having been graciously liberated from a stifling net.  A show so unique it has had over 40 million views on Youtube, with many watchers likely never thinking of how unique a metaphor this provided of being kindly liberated from stifling religious nets oppressing beauty and romance and being set free to enjoy the delights God intended relating to Valentines.   And therewith four days prior to the whale event, a PHENOMENAL FIRE on my 50th birthday erupted, being seen for 40 miles around, and having many unique implications that clearly gave a vital and liberating message about beauty and veiling, and thus giving largely the same message as the whale event  (Feb 10&14, 2011).  I might also mention the historical meteors and meteorites of Feb 15, 2013, THE ONE STRIKING and greatly shaking the earth and another ALMOST DOING SO.  Yes which stunned me with their unique correspondence with my efforts that Valentine's season as I had just created a potent poem with a liberating message I felt should shake the earth, and HAD SHARED IT AND ALMOST SHARED IT with another organization but had withheld.  Yes, the meteor and meteorite actions perfectly aligned with how I had dealt with the poem and certainly did what I felt the poem should have done.  Coincidence?  Just now while writing this  (being a few weeks after Valentines 2019), I uniquely ran into a news article telling of a poor humpback whale found dead in an off shore jungle, a rare mystery they were trying to solve.  Making me think of how God certainly desires to bless and set the captives free, as keenly demonstrated by the liberated whale of Valentine's day 2011, but sadly because of our world's deeply rooted and continuing religious jungle, that whale or whale of a message nevertheless too much has died as this poor whale of 2019. God withholds no good thing and His law makes up the perfect law of liberty, and certainly great freedom is included in such, although not freedom to get into or make trouble as foolish freedom gives. 

Whale now dead

in the jungle!

    Interestingly this year (2019), God combined the unique falling tree signs and unique Valentine’s season signs into one occurrence through a large and unique tree falling on Valentine's eve at my past church as shown above.  Which church although having many good points, I felt had some long standing errors that needed to fall, and with some sadly oppressing the fire of beauty and romance which Valentine’s day celebrates. I have often prayed for this church which has been dear to me with many tears, praying that it would be revived with truth and fire from heaven in more ways than one, which church is also mentioned in my story at which clarifies things spoken of here. 

The Valentine's Tree    

      Someone counted more than one hundred rings on the large old tree which fell and blocked one of the driveways to this church. It uniquely fell on Valentine's eve and while this church was having a midweek meeting, and although the wind had notably subsided that evening. Local weather records show the wind as largely dissipated hours before it fell.  People drove in this driveway on the way to church that evening and could not use it to leave, and thus the tree certainly got attention. Even further this stump with the heart later was plainly visible going in and out of the church driveway. God certainly loves the churches and wants to get their attention.  He wants to uproot all untruths among them and to shower them with His genuine and good plan, while this tree certainly could be like a divine Valentine's card and message to this (austere Holdeman Mennonite) Church.  Recently while cutting down trees I had been praying that religious errors would fall as the trees I was cutting. Having just recently written my story about falling trees with a liberating message about beauty and romance, upon hearing about this tree falling event on Valentines eve at this church so crucial to me, I naturally was quite intrigued as it fitted so perfectly in with things. Therewith when I went to see the tree, I was amazed to discover the remaining stump flaunted this quite noticeable Valentine’s heart.  Yes a broken, deteriorated, and hollow heart, such as God who changes hearts desires to heal and restore! The tree endowed with a Valentine's heart as this certainly adds to the uniqueness of the event, being as an added signature from heaven of God’s love and concern about the Valentine’s subject, and desire that confusion and suppressions surrounding it would be uprooted and fall. Vital issues on the subject of beauty and romance can be seen at which shares surprising Biblical issues, and shares how cruel ancient paganism greatly influenced Christendom and largely reversed the real Biblical message about veiling. also shares more unique ways God has spoken on the subject.  Note, while writing much of the above I still was not aware of the phenomenal images in the heart of this tree which provide a further and stunning evidence of God's hand and signature about it.   

Click for the numerous amazing images in the heart! 

Even more details! The wolf and witch are merged with the man!

A baffling and mysterious bite taken out of my Bible at the most vital Scripture on glory and veiling!

As if showing the real message has been devoured!

Are Our Religious Corner Pins On Solid Rock?

       God is very concerned that our religious corner pins are fastened to solid rock, rather than merely to long standing religious traditions, and has uniquely spoken on such (as well as Valentines issues). This involved unexpectedly seeing and exposing a false and misleading corner pin in the very presence of the minister who officiated my excommunication from this church. It looked so real one onlooker said remove not the ancient land marks.   Yes I also was perplexed and concerned until I pulled it out of the ground right in front those who excommunicated me, and we all seen the pin had no depth to it.  Truly being like too many religious corner pins. Such precisely demonstrated my long time and earnest efforts to expose numerous faulty religious corner pins to him and this church. The site shares that story and many other astonishing and meaningful incidents. 

Rock Almost Strikes a Church  at a Very Meaning-ful Time in My Life.

Difficulties Resulting From Religious Conflicts

      I have endured much rejection even from my wife (as well as my closest family and friends), because of being excommunicated from this church. The site shares my difficulties and efforts to be reconciled with both family and others in my grave sickness, and after being excommunicated and shunned by this church for almost 30 years. God in many ways has shown me that some day some kind of reconciliation with my family and many in this church will occur, although issues as discussed here might make it seem impossible. I certainly am praying that God in His mercy toward both myself and this Church somehow will bring about the changes and reconciliation He greatly desires for all of us and has shown me. Our non religious world certainly is very displeasing to God, but at the same time our religious world with its closed mindedness, oppressions, and errors has given far too much reason for many to rebel at all religion and be non religious, and end up even without good and protective laws. How is God going to deal with such a world, nation, and churches?   

       Being condemned and rejected by friends and family which you dearly love and wish so much to reach and bless is very difficult. In this difficult situation over the years I have written many things with many tears seeking to clearly share various vital truths which I have not been able to shake. Therewith I have also had many miracles occur to confirm the message. And yet this church demands I denounce it all and blindly trust this church, or else my own dear wife and dear family keeps shunning me. Oh God if I cannot help this difficult world anyway, please take me out of it and to the better place you went to prepare. Members of this church have been firmly taught they are the one true church and to follow the light of this church rather than to think for themselves, and those who dare to disagree with it's light have often been portrayed as real fools, and will be excommunicated and shunned. And thereafter the apply the Church whip or get whipped yourself system often helps unitedly bring the shunning whip upon the excommunicated.  May churches learn how to discipline in love and truth as loving parents, rather than whipping with a legalistic and unending whip which can actually turn to and become a persecution rather than a Godly and restorative discipline.  God certainly wants His bride and church united, strong, and protected with healthy walls, but such can be attained by His power and Spirit and without harsh legalism which kills and persecutes.  It is unfortunate that many churches in our day are like mere roofs without any walls, while on the other hand many who do have strong walls promote grievous errors within them.      

Valentine's Hearts And Bleeding Hearts That Love Do Weep.

  Jesus Wept Seeing The Good Things God Intended Being Missed.

Although discipline is to be used, too often it is abused, and mercy is accused. 

All Churches Claim Truth 

What About Immaculate Conception Teachings?   

    Regarding churches, most all if not all, firmly claim to be strongholds of complete truth, but nevertheless far too many churches together with holding to some truths are also heartbreaking strongholds of untruths, which all need to be uprooted and to fall as this Valentine's tree. My site shares a vivid example of such, and which pertains to ancient erring teachings regarding the VERY PERSON of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, which greatly need uprooted. The error that needs uprooted hides and denies the great condescending from heaven's glory and into our very earthly existence, which our Saviour graciously bore, and who because of His love for His bride (church) died upon our world's most vital Valentine's tree. This error closely relates to the immaculate conception doctrine of Catholicism, and thus does not only pertain to this church but to millions of Christians about our world and many denominations. The error that needs uprooted pertains to foolishly claiming that Christ the Son of God AND Son of Man received no physical aspect whatsoever from Mary (humanity), and thus did not bear our real and mortal humanity, although He was born of Mary and is repeatedly declared the seed of David and humanity according to the flesh, and many Scriptures declare this vital truth.  Yes Jesus the Son of God from heaven in additionally becoming the Son of Man, assuredly did take and add to Himself our very humanity and therewith had opportunity to encounter and overcome it and be a victor over its weakness and temptations, yes and died in it and resurrected from it and therewith and thereby became a genuine, literal, and most meaningful FIRSTFRUIT AND PROOF of humanity's resurrection as the Scriptures clearly teach! Yes our Savior was tempted in all points as us as the Scriptures teach, and was sinless because of overcoming rather than because of not encountering our humanity, and it is not without reason that Apostle John declared it the spirit of the anti Christ to deny that Jesus came in the flesh! Not realizing the depth of what Jesus took and bore upon Himself and did in coming to earth and dying on the world's greatest Valentine's tree, sadly obscures the full picture of the great love and sacrifice and LITERAL VICTORY over our VERY SITUATION embedded in redemption's plan. Yes and may the falling of the Valentine's tree at this church in 2019, also initiate the falling of those ancient errors which have obscured the full picture of what Christ really was and really did when He as a mortal human died on the world's greatest Valentine's tree and afterwards arose as the genuine firstfruit of the resurrection, and flaunting a new immortal and glorified body as we all can likewise receive if we follow in His steps!  

Jesus Christ

The Son Of God and Son Of Man

What did He take upon Himself and bear in redeeming us?

   Above and beyond Mary being a virgin and Christ thus having no earthly father,  Menno Simons who this church passionately follows further declared that Mary herself contributed no physical aspect to Christ.  Menno in doing so contributed an immaculate conception to Jesus having erring disassociation affects, too similar to that of the immaculate conception which the Catholics contribute to Mary, while both in reality deny Christ's real humanity. I wrote an 80 page document on the subject many years ago and for some reason it brought me many tears when the depth of the truths and untruths regarding this subject struck home. Although Menno Simons dealing with this subject almost ridiculously advocated NO MOTHER CONTRIBUTES ANY PHYSICAL ELEMENT to her children, and although Rueben Koehn one of the most respected elders of this church wisely taught opposite of one of Menno's most special claims on the subject, this church still holds to and is sadly bound to Menno’s teaching on the subject. How many churches remain grievously stuck in the mire and mud of (ancient) errors, simply because they fear to or cannot admit them? And yes this church also declares baptism with a hand full of water is more proper and Biblical than baptism by immersion, and regardless of Biblical examples and Scriptures that speak of being buried with Him in baptism. And yes while excommunications and the shunning whip in the name of truth and Christ continue. Yes many readers might say this church has problems, and yes it certainly does, but too many other Churches are also bound to great or greater errors as well. Diverse branches from deeply rooted Catholic errors have spread abroad in more ways and and into more subjects  than most realize.  Oh God have mercy on the churches, and open our deformed eyes, wounded and blinded by ancient errors handed down from our fathers and send a revival! Not only have ancient religious errors grievously smothered the beauty of woman the special bride God created for man, but also have grievously smothered the bride of Christ the churches with bitter errors on many subjects, and which have obscured God’s love, sweet truths, and beautiful plan for it, and oh may they all fall as this Valentine's tree! King David, and not without reason repeatedly declared how good, sweet, and lovely God’s laws were.  Jesus therewith spoke of truth setting free, and not without meaning came to earth to set the captives free and to open the eyes of the blind, and yes was quite often persecuted as a liberal.  The images in the heart tree vividly show the evil powers at the heart of our world's many religious oppressions.

Click For Large Views!

Immaculate Conception Issues

Menno Simon's


Rueben Koehn's article.

The great pains of the demoraliza-tion of feminine beauty, was vividly shown me by a buck deer with both back legs broken at matting season, appearing in the midst of our front lawn at a very meaningful time. The buck was running with both of its lower rear legs dragging behind.

God Still Loves The Churches

Although Too Much Of Religion Has Gone Bananas

    Yes God loves the churches even with all their errors, but wants those errors to fall as wondrously demonstrated by this Valentine’s tree. God certainly also loves the non religious with all their errors, but wants to save them from their errors as well! A unique allegory given at seeks to expose various religious oppressions and to reveal God's good plan and perfect law of liberty to both erring religion and the non religious. A unique video-document at largely does the same. Oh God please expose the man of sin among the churches as well as among the non religious, although many might be shocked beyond measure when his mask is removed, and show us your good ways and send your latter rain of revival! I pray the reader will not become perturbed at me the writer, or at this church or any of my family, but rather will pray God to give grace and strength to bear with the difficult issues about us and bring about the good change, revival, and restoration He has shown me. In conclusion I welcome you to see which shares many websites discussing many subjects that I have been concerned about and which need to be reconsidered. And finally thanks for reading. 

The masked roots and man behind many religious concepts and traditions might be more than many can bear to see.


An additional matter that greatly pains me is that because of deeply rooted traditions within this church, edifying videos of Bible stories or vital Christian teachings cannot be freely watched nor created in this church society, and which traditions control my own dear family. Rather so often in social and family gatherings, games of all kinds are played and almost without end. Therewith up till this time audio recorders and players were also prohibited and could not be used for gospel music or teaching, nor used for Bible study and language study. Nor could photography be used even for preparing missionaries and showing mission activities. But thank God some things appear to be changing. Oppressive and erring traditions although pitiful and cruel masters often are hard to break. I pray God will help this church and all of us to understand and fall for all that embraces and lies within God's perfect law of liberty, and for all truth, and such rather than continuing to excuse erring religious concepts and traditions. 

Misguided Religions Have Forbade Many Good Things.

Thereby giving a false sense of righteousness as well as  obscur-ing the goodness of God.

Click For Large Views

Even more about the heart!

Two Largely

Show This



    Below are given links to the original eleven photo files taken of the heart of this tree. These eleven are ALL the photos I took of the heart of the tree (not seeing the images at the time). The images in the heart are uniquely alike while interestingly different, and very interesting to study! 

    These first two photos were taken 3 days earlier on a cloudy day as well as from a different angle. For some reason no such drastic images show in these two photos. I did not even notice the heart shape when I took these photos.   

Five Largely 

Show This

The next 5 photos were taken 3 days later and after I had noticed the heart shape. These five all largely show the same amazing thing. The man and serpent in the heart. These five were taken all within a minute, while the first one seems the best. For some reason I did not see any of the images in the heart while taking the photos. This was a sunny day and the camera might have accented the shadows and therewith the dark background certainly helps make the picture.   

Two Largely

Show This


The next two photos were taken at a different angle and taken 9 and 12 seconds later both clearly show the shocking wolf and witch. Again the first one seems the best.    

This photo was taken 7 seconds later from a different angle and shows a quite different picture. 

    This photo was taken over two minutes later and after having walked around and taken pictures of the whole tree ect.  This photo again largely shows the man and serpent but being slightly different. 

The Below images are just slightly edited to help you see them.  

After seeing them they are clear without any editing.

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